Q: Are your cleaning materials safe if I have children and pets?
A: Your entire household will be safe. Your home, family, and pets will not be harmed by our cleaning products. We use natural cleaning agents instead of chemicals.

Q: Why choose natural cleaning agents instead of chemicals?
A: Essential oils are organic alternatives which work just as well as their stronger counterparts but leave behind a safe environment (not to mention an amazing fragrance!).

Q: What types of essential oils do you use and why?
A: Lemongrass, lemon, and lavender are most commonly used. Lemon is a key ingredient in our products, clearing the room of pathogens and leaving behind a bright, fresh and invigorating aroma. Tea-tree is used as an anti-bacterial killing 99.9% of all bacteria. It works exceptionally well on toilets and other hard surfaces. Lavender is paired well with disinfectants to thoroughly clean floors and other surfaces.

Q: What is the difference between deep “move-out” clean and an ongoing standard clean?
A: Deep clean

A deep clean entails cleaning your home from the top to bottom. You may need this type of cleaning if you have not cleaned your house for a long time or you if you are hiring a janitorial service the first time. It is also called a move-out clean. This is because you do this type of cleaning when you are moving out of a rental house or vacating a property due to sales. You may also need the deep clean when moving into a new home.

Ongoing standard clean

This is the type of cleaning that should sustain your ongoing regular cleaning needs. It simply maintains sanity, neatness, and cleanliness of your house.

Q: Is your quality assurance guaranteed?
A: We will work with you to ensure you are fully satisfied with the service we provide. We deliver our promise and guarantee that you will get quality work done every time.

Q: What cleaning do you do?
A: We clean according to the client’s needs. Here is an outline of what we do regularly:

Most common clean bi-weekly: cleans on average include cleaning kitchen countertop stove top and stove overhead, wiping down fridge and microwave. Bathroom countertops sink taps mirror bathtub and shower if separate. Vacuuming, sweeping, and washing floors. Periodic dusting cupboards blinds and cleaning of windows only as needed

Less common clean: includes things like cleaning and oven inside the fridge, all the window tracks, blinds washing laundry, or folding of laundry. Moving furniture re-organization organizing toys books etc. doing dishes or loading a dishwasher and putting dishes away. Polishing furniture exterior windows on the main floor

Q: Do you do wall washing?
A: Yes! We are experts in wall washing, door washing, pulling out fridge and stove underneath cleaning.

Q: What is not included in the cleaning?
A: We don’t clean carpets.

Q: Do you come with your own supplies?
A: You don’t need to provide cleaning supplies. We get the job done using our own cleaning equipment. If, however you need us to use your equipment, let us know in advance. We try to accommodate all our customers’ requests.

Q: Should I move the furniture before the cleaning?
A: We will do everything from moving your furniture to reorganizing them. You don’t have to do anything unless you wish to. All you have to do is let us know want you want to be done.

Q: What if things get lost?
A: They won’t. Our workers have a background check and a criminal record. Every worker at Nichole’s Residential Cleaning is handpicked after careful assessment.

Q: My schedule changed suddenly. What should I do?
A: There is no reason to worry at all. Nichole’s Residential Cleaning is there for you. If you need to change some part of your schedule, just inform us as soon as possible. We won’t charge you if you give us some notice.

Q: Must I be at home when you do the cleaning?
A: The answer is no! You don’t have to get away from work to be present during the cleaning. You simply leave your house keys at an appropriate place and we will gladly do the cleaning in your absence.

Q: What should I expect from an interaction with Nichole’s Residential Cleaning?
A: We offer quality cleaning services at Nichole’s Residential Cleaning. You can leave for work or go for a holiday while the house is dirty. On coming back, you will get a warm welcome fragrance and clean floors that are safe for your children and pets. Have a thing less to worry over while the essential oils fight bacteria.

Q: What if I am not happy with your cleaning services?
A: You will be happy with our cleaning services. However, if we miss details and you are not satisfied to some extent, contact us as soon as possible. Please reach out within a 24hr period to discuss and find a solution if you have any concerns. An amicable solution may include and is not limited to cleaning what was missed without an extra charge.

Q: When should I book a cleaning?
A: Book whenever you feel you are ready. That is the right time to book. Booking a week in advance will help us to prepare for the cleaning session. We will know who to send and what materials they will need to do the work.

Q: What form of payments do you accept?
A: Email transfers or cash.

Q: how far in advance should I book my cleaning?
A: A week or two is a good amount of time to book with us before the clean.

Q: How much do you guys charge an hour?
A: Call us anytime for a free quote, as it depends with what you’re looking for and how many cleaners you will need.

Q: What is considered a deep clean?
A: Deep cleaning is the kind of things you wouldn’t do on a regular basis and example would be cleaning the inside of your oven.

Q: What comes with a regular clean?
A: A regular clean can be different depending on what each client wants Most residential clients on average need their bathrooms, kitchen, and all floors cleaned. Then there’s usually a few extra things like baseboards windows and cupboards. A regular clean would be considered a weekly or bi-weekly clean.

Q: What about spring cleaning?
A: Spring cleaning is a more detailed clean. We will help you clean items that have been forgotten often and get built on dirt or help you to re-organize and let go of what’s no longer needed.

With our trained staff and excellent customer service, we can customize a schedule to fit your needs